The hot summer is coming to an end, and the romantic autumn is coming. When the seasons change, do you feel that you have no clothes to wear in your wardrobe? Effective use of existing clothes, with a little thought in matching, as long as grasp the following points. You can wear old clothes with a new feel.

1.Change Color of your Clothes.

In summer, we mainly focus on light and colorful colors to create a light and cool feeling. Autumn clothes become thicker, and high-saturation colors can enhance your temperament and clothes texture. Leather bags can help you improve the overall texture of your outfit.

Red turtle neck top+ Brown blazer+ Demin wide leg pants+ Brown Leather satchel bag

2. Changes in clothes collocation ideas.

Autumn is the best season for layering. There is neither the heat of summer nor the dynamic cold, and two or three pieces of clothes are stacked to highlight your dressing skills and layers. For example, the summer floral dress is used as the inner layer, and the outer layer is Shacked. The shacked and vest is a very practical item.

Beige vest over white shirt+ Demin jean+ Tan leather underarm satchel bag

satchel 2022

3.The need for practicality is changing.

The temperature outside will be lower in the morning and evening. We need to change the occasion, the temperature is different from the subway station to the office,When taking off the jacket still needs to maintain the appropriate dress.


The above is the autumn outfit ideas I shared in 2022, I hope it will be helpful to you. thanks for reading