Leather is one of the oldest materials which is being used by humans to create different things including bags, shoes, wallets, and jackets, etc. While everything which has been made from leather has its importance and history but the tooled leather bags are special. They are special because of its rich history and this is what makes the tooled leather bag and tooled leather backpacks popular in current fashion trends. 
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If you are a person who likes to buy leather bags like backpacks and handbags when you are probably seeing a word called "tooled leather" very often on online and physical stores. Do you know what tooled leather bag is? What is the history of tooled leather bags? Let's discuss in detail.
What is tooled leather?
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In simple words, leather which has been worked in a way to craft design on it is called tooled leather. This design could be anything including patter, initials or any other thing to decorate the piece of leather. It has been called "tooled" because there have been leather tools used to craft these patterns and designs on leather. So, in short, any piece of leather which has been decorated with the help of leather tools is called tooled leather.
What is a tooled leather bag?
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The tooled leather bags are those which have been decorated. The history of these bags is very old. Even in some historical books, it has mentioned that it is older than thousands of years. The old leather bag which has been found in a different part of the world has been decorated with a different pattern. This shows how old these bags could be.
The leather which has been used for tooling is often vegetable turned to leather. This is because the vegetable-tanned leather becomes soft and easy to work as compared to other types of leather. This leather is often used not only just to make the tooled leather backpacks, tooled leather handbags but other fashion accessories too including belts, wallets, and jackets.
How tooled leather bags made in history?
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Today, the machine has replaced humans in different parts of life. Surprisingly, the process of making a tooled leather bag is still the same as it used to be in the past. Yes, the tooled leather bags have been made by hand mostly. The leather often cut thick but the thickness also depends on the type of bags. For example for hardcode bags, the leather has been cut thick. Sometimes the craft man also glued different layers of the leather to increase to make the leather further thicker.
Tooled leather bags in trend:
As mentioned earlier, the tooled leather handbags are in trend. The girls prefer a tooled leather handbag over other types of handbags. The main reason behind their popularity is the originality. Indeed, today there are machined which can be used to decorate the handbags with any type of design but still, the luxury feeling has been added with the help of leather tools.
Whether you are looking for doctor’s bags, laptop bags, handbags, totes or vintage bags, all of them are available in tooled leather to make you look more stylish and fashionable.